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In our 'Land of Hope' in Mukono we have a children's playing group for the very little ones (Daycare), a kindergarten & a nursery school, a primary school and a vocational school with a variety of different professions to learn.


In Tongolo close to Jinja is another kindergarten with a nursery school and a primary school of Vision for Africa.


On the Prayer Mountain we have another Vocational school, where also illiterates can do a course. 

Additionally we have in the fishermen's village Kikondo close to Jinja a kindergarten with a nursery school in our 'Emmanuel Center', as well as a primary school and a school & educational centre for blind people.


Last but not least Vision for Africa has also built some educational centres for children in the West of Uganda. There you will find a Girls Secondary school, as well as a Primary school in Kasenda.

Most of our children were taken to Vision for Africa because the children were either full orphaned, despised, dumped, neglected, mistreated or found in degrading conditions. Mostly they are taken to Vision for Africa by relatives or neighbours and sometimes it is the police at our gate with a found child...


The Vision for Africa Jehova Rapha Clinic is situated not far from the children homes and it is often the first place the new arrivals get to know when they come to be checked for Malaria, Typhoid, Jiggars (parasites), malnutrition, fungal infestations and other sicknesses, in order to be treated instantly.


When they re-gained strength and a good health condition, the children join either our daycare group, the kindergarten/ nursery school or primary school program (all in our 'Land of Hope' in Vision for Africa), according to their age and prior educational level.


Besides medical care and education, the socializing and integrating into their new families is essential. The kids are being introduced to and have to get used to the love, care and physical provision with enough food, drinks, fruits and juices which they receive in their new homes.


It is always touching to watch a freshly arrived child how he or she explores the new surrounding that seems so strange and yet so protected and cosy. It is wonderful to see them flourishing and developing into a unique and autonomous personality!

         To the background stories of some of our children in             Vision for Africa!


We can gladly tell about our new children homes and a kindergarten school in Kikondo village which have been built up. It is a project that was established by Vision for Africa to help the needy and orphaned children in the community of Kikondo and different areas of Busoga region. The project began on October 25th 2013 with two mothers and three children in a private home. The nursery school began with 19 children.

Currently God has blessed us with 17 children of different age groups in the homes. At first it was not easy for them to stay with us due to many different new faces and the language to speak but now everybody is happy and used to the place that we glorify God. He is the door (John 10:1-10).

Our prayer is that the right children join us and find good pasture within their lives and joy as light shines upon them.

Only through the sponsors and donators and by the grace of God it was possible to establish that project, of which many people are already benefitting now and will in the future to come.


For the orphaned children in the 'Land of Hope' in Mukono we have for the little ones (0–3 years) a daycare group. A few volunteers spend time with the toddlers and little children from Monday to Friday every morning, to play with them, to draw, paint and sing with them, they go for little walks, read them stories and give them attention and love, which these small kids without parents need so dearly. 


After the Daycare-age, with about 3 to 4 years the kids will go to our Kindergarten. 

Primary Mukono
Nursery Mukono
Daycare Mukono ENGL
Children homes Mukono
Children homes Kikondo
Vocational school Mukono
Nursery & Primary Mt.Galilee
Nursery Emmanuel Center


In our children homes orphans and former street children get a new home.

Vision for Africa has built children homes in two different places in Uganda.  


The first eight (8) homes, that have been build shortly after the founding of the ministry are located in Mukono in the 'Land of Hope', the headquarters of Vision for AfricaAnother three (3) children homes are since October 2013 located in the fisher village Kikondo in our 'Emmanuel Centre', halfway up on the Prayer Mountain close to Jinja.



School for the blind Kikondo
Vocations professions

One of the main goals of Vision for Africa is to care for poor Ugandan children by providing loving care, medical treatment, child-oriented parenting, education and spiritual strengthening in christian biblical faith. In this way Vision for Africa aims to prepare the children and set them the best stage for a good future.

This is put into practice in the eight children homes which are placed next to each other in our 'Land of Hope'. Altogether, we count 90 children in the houses, 36 boys and 54 girls (date: March 2016), where as some children stay in boarding schools and only come 'home' during holiday time.

Each house is well equipped and surrounded by a garden that does not merely present Africa's beautiful nature, but also enables the children to play around outside in the fresh air.



Each of the children homes is led by two Ugandan mothers living together with the children, always being there for them and trying to give the orphans the essential feeling of a loving family.

The children also have 8-10 brothers and sisters with similar background stories and all children together also have a 'father' who is also like a best friend to them, Papa Adriko. He knows each child and loves them dearly, and he is ever there to make fun with them...

The kindergarten on our 'Land of Hope' in Vision for Africa has already grown a lot since its' beginning. Meanwhile 165 children are already enjoying the Nursery school and almost every year the number is increasing because the demand of a good kindergarten is quite high.

The kindergarten is divided in three groups: The 3-4 years old ones are in the so called Baby class, the 4-5 years old are in the middleclass, the 5-6 years old attend the top class. Most of the children sleep in the kindergarten's dormitory which is right next to the building of the Nursery school, only a small part of the children stay with their parents at home.

In the 5 classrooms (2 Baby classes, 1 Middle class, 2 Top classes) the children's skills are being improved and increased through singing, riming, solving puzzels, playing, drawing and painting, telling stories etc. In top class the children get pre-school lessons which are preparing them well for primary school. They already learn how to read, to write and easy mathematics.

Because the kindergarten is part of a charity project, it is free of any charges. The parents or those who are responsible for the children are requested to bring a small material donation like a blanket, a water pot or shoe polish.

Our teachers and care-takers are true believers in Jesus Christ and they consider Him as their Lord and savior. All teachers are well-educated nursery teachers.

The Primary School on our 'Land of Hope' in Vision for Africa has a capacity of 800 children. At the moment 425 pupils enjoy the classes and each year the number keeps rising because the region is in great need of good schools.

Our current headmaster of Primary School Mr. Ronald Balidawa has been put in charge by the leadership of Vision for Africa. He is well known and loved for his competent, humorous and child-loving way by teachers as well as pupils.

Our Primary School has the mission to bring hope to the hopeless, to raise a God-fearing generation of tomorrow, to bring light into the darkness and to give thousands of orphaned children their beautiful smiles back.

The pupils get their lessons in well-equipped classrooms where they are being supported and prepared for their lives with solid basic education in many subjects. We have the goal make the children international ambassadors of Christ going to all nations to forward their joy, their fear of the Lord and the unconditional love of God.

Volunteers and partners have the possibility to come here and pass on the love of Christ to the pupils, during their daily bible lessons in the afternoon.

The Vision for Africa Primary School wishes to be the role model in upbringing and educating children, in offering interesting, relevant and varying lessons with creativity to raise them in a good moral understanding and lived fear of the Lord and to make them individuals who want to make the difference in their lives and live for God.

  • English

  • Reading, Writing, General Knowledge ("Literacy")

  • Mathematics

  • Social studies and History

  • Science and Health studies 

  • Luganda

  • Sports

  • Christian Religious Education

The various courses in our Vocational Training Institute in Kiyunga, Mukono offer the possibility for young people to learn a practical handcraft profession (or other) which enables them to start up their own business or integrate well in the society in a succeeding company or hotel.

In our vocational school we educate students who finished the Ugandan “O” or “A” levels or got a degree of the Uganda Junior Technical Certificate (UJTC).

The students can bring their practical as well as theoretical knowledge to the certificate level. After finishing the course the vocational students know how to read plans and put the given tasks professionally into practice.




It all began on the 70th birthday of Mama Maria L. Prean – founder and Director when the Lord directed her to begin a school for orphaned and vulnerable children in Tongolo, a very poor and underdeveloped locality in Uganda.

The school is named after Mountain Galilee on whose foothills the school stands. It is situated in Nyenga Sub-county, Buikwe District in the south-east of Uganda.

At the beginning, a three-classroom block was built to house Baby, Middle and Top class. Next to the classrooms, an office for the resident director and secretary was built plus a school store. Connected to the administration block is an assembly room/main hall which is used for meetings and church fellowships. The other buildings include: a 6 apartment structure that houses staff members with a dining hall, a security guards’ house and a school kitchen.

The school officially opened its gates to pupils on the 8th of February 2010 with 89 needy children.



The area located a few kilometers from Jinja town and mainly inhabited by immigrants from Eastern Uganda is ironically one of the poorest places in the country. Being located a few kilometers from Jinja town the home of the biggest and oldest power plant in the country, it is hard to comprehend why this area does not have a single power line!

The schools in the area are too sub-standard to offer a firm education foundation for children. For a long time the place has been experiencing a harsh climate of scanty and sporadic rainfall coupled with dry winds. Because of this problem, most people in the area are mainly involved in fishing in Lake Victoria and quarrying stones in mountains surrounding their villages. It is not rare to find children as young as 7 years already involved in fishing and breaking of stones. This has adversely affected education in the area since most children either drop out of school or are unable to go to school at all as they seek to join their parents’ occupations.

The nearest hospital is about 14 kilometers away. Before we sunk a community borehole, people used to walk about 5 kilometers to get to the nearest water source. Generally, life in this area is so challenging – no easy access to water, medical care, good schools etc.! This is why our Ministry in this area could never have come at a better time.




At the beginning of the school, we begun with 89 children – all falling either in Baby, Middle or Top Class and we believe God to recruit more children when funds allow. Honestly, selecting 89 children was one of the hardest tasks for us because almost every home we visited during the selection process had more needy children than we were able to help. In selecting the children, we considered children without parents and the core poor especially those staying with their grandparents. We mainly relied on the help of the local leaders in the selection process.




Good Education: With a quality school and qualified-motivated teachers, nice buildings with adequate space and all the necessary study materials, the community has hope for a better future for their children as far as education is considered.

Clean water: As already mentioned, the community has been blessed with a clean water source as it can now access the school bore hole for its water needs. Most recently however, a well wisher from the community gave away part of his agricultural land for a new community borehole to be drilled. The drilling work is now complete and we trust once this borehole is in full operation, the community will have a more convenient water source.

Evangelism: The administrator of the ministry at Mount Galilee, Allan Ssuuna and his wife begun a church fellowship on the 4th of Jan/2010, and they have seen the Lord transforming it into a vibrant church fellowship. We are believing God will expand the church as they continue to reach out to more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, so many children are now turning up for our Sunday school service which is open to all children from the community.

School/Community clinic: Most recently, a well equipped clinic has been set up within the school. The clinic is open to both the school and the community at a minimum cost-sharing fee. This will greatly improve community health and livelihoods.

The Ministry has already blessed so many needy people in the area around Mount Galilee and we are glad the Lord will still do a lot in that area.




  • Our main and overriding goal is to reach out to the community – children and all with the love of Christ through education and directly sharing the Good News.

  • The second goal is to offer quality education that is rare to find in such a rural area. In simple, we want to be a model school in every sense of the word.

  • We want to encourage the community to embrace the mentality of cost-sharing.




Within a period of 3 years, the following have been achieved:

The school that begun with the Nursery section only, has now grown up to Primary Four.

Large increase in the number of the 89 children we started with:

More buildings have been added and these include: Teachers’ apartments, Early Childhood Development centre, Library, Residence for School Administrator, 7-classroom structure, latrines and bathrooms plus a school clinic. Glory to the Lord!

Community School: Owing to the long distance some of our children have been walking to come to school, the Lord enabled us to buy land and construct a nursery school about 5 kilometres from Mount Galilee School. We begun in 2013 with 30 children in Baby class and 2 teachers. The infrastructure that was first erected include: a 3-classroom block to accommodate: Baby, Middle and Top class; Staff housing, Administration office, Kitchen and store plus a nice latrine.


  • We trust God to provide funds for the construction of dormitories for all children falling within Primary Three – Primary Seven. We believe this will greatly improve the academic performance of our children since they will have ample time to concentrate on their studies.

  • Construction of a play ground for Mount Galilee Nursery and Primary School.

  • Construction of more Staff quarters.

  • Obtaining out-door play equipment for the children at our new community school e.g. slides and swings.


As our church fellowship continues to grow, we trust God for a spacious facility for a community church. We are currently holding annual retreat meetings where believers from a number of churches converge at our church for a 3 day seminar/conference. Our meeting hall is currently too small to accommodate such a large gathering. We are therefore praying to God for a spacious facility for this purpose.

For more information and details see

Also in the village Kikondo we were able to build a kindergarten with a nursery school. Together with the children homes there it is called 'Emmanuel Center'.  It is about a project that Vision for Africa has established to help needy and orphaned children in the region of Kikondo and other villages around Busoga region. The kindergarten started with 19 children. 


Since the  kindergarten opened again on 3rd February 2014 we hope to get even more children because many parents have already been anticipating the kindergarten project in their region. Only through donators and by the grace of God it was possible to build up this project of which so many people are already now benefitting and how many will even benefit more in the future. 

This school was founded in 2009 by a blind widow with 5 children. After the death of her beloved husband in 2003, Edith Kasirye settled in Buikwe district in a village called Kafunta, where she had a vision of starting a school for the Blind with the aim of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, encouraging and equipping fellow blind people with skills that could help them become selfreliant.

In 2009 with about 4 students she started training at her small house. When the number of students increased to about 12 orphans and other disadvantaged people, the place was no longer enough to accommodate all of them. Her house being built on wetland caused latrines to overflow during the rainy seasons leading to unhygienic living conditions. Another risk was getting water from far, where the blind students had to cross a busy road.

But in the year 2013, by God's grace and mercy, Maria Prean was touched by the vision and effort of Edith Kasirye and decided to support the school. By February 2015 Vision for Africa Intl. bought land of about 2 acres and built the new school for the blind. The school has wonderful facilities and a very conducive learning environment.

The new school is named "New Living Hope School" and is located in Kikondo, Buikwe District along the banks of Lake Victoria near the source of the River Nile. It was officially opened in February 2015 with a total of 10 blind students and 4 blind teachers.

"New Living Hope School" focuses on equipping visually handicapped people with skills that sustain lives.

Among the training courses offered are:

• Agricultural practices like farming and animal husbandry

• Crafts - cane chair making, table mats, door mats, basketry etc.

• Cooking

• Knitting

• General knowledge in entrepreneurship, mobility skills like independent living and communication, Braille reading and writing

The courses in our Vocational Training Institute on the Prayer Mountain ("VFA I Vocational Institute"), near Jinja, offer the possibility for young people to learn a practical handcraft profession which enables them to start up their own business or integrate well in the society in a succeeding company or hotel, even if these young people did not have any kind of education yet (illiterates). 

Community Polytechnics + DIT courses

(Junior courses, no diplomas)


1. Motor vehicle mechanics
2. Food preparation and processing
3. Welding and metall fabrication
4. Carpentry and joinery
5. Building and concrete practice
6. Electrical installation
7. Cosmetology (beauty therapy and hairdressing)
8. Garment Design and Construction
9. Computer









It was in May 2013 when Maria Prean was working in the Garden on the Prayer Mountain – sweaty and muddy all over – when suddenly her phone rang in her trouser's pocket. She answered it and to her surprise it was the secretary of the First Lady of Uganda. She explained that Janet Museveni (the First Lady) would like to see Maria and she made an appointment with her for a few weeks ahead.

This call made her think and I could not imagine why the First Lady would like to see me. They already met a few times and when she had come to the opening of our Ministry, a deep heart connection bound them together.

When the day came that Maria drove to the State House in Entebbe, she was full of excitement. Janet Museveni gave her a warm welcome and after a short "smalltalk" she asked her why she wanted to see her.

So she told her that again she got a very poor part of the West of Uganda to look after it. In the whole area was no Secondary school for girls and after praying who could help her to build such a school, God gave her Maria's name on her heart.

Maria's answer was: "If any other politician would have told me such a thing I would have considered it as shabby manipulation. But I believe you Maama Janet that you hear from God. I have joy and peace in my heart, but first of all I need to hear from God if it's His will for me to build this school."

Janet Museveni encouraged her to pray and listen to God. Maria also said: „If God says that we should be ready to do this then we will look for the builders, the bricklayers and all the other staff ourselves, we will buy all the material and tools ourselves and we will hand over the keys when it is ready for immediate occupation.“ Janet Museveni was very pleased with that because in this way no corruption can take place.

Meanwhile it got dark outside and because the international airport is in Entebbe, there is quite much traffic jam in the late hours. Maria was moving in queues and thinking if the Lord really supports this project and if it is really His plan Immediately after these thoughts a big truck took her over and nearly pushed her into the roadside ditch, before queuing into the line in front of her. She was out of sorts with this truck driver but as he was in front of her and she read the words on the backside of his truck, she was at peace and asked God for forgiveness for her anger.

In big letters it said: "GOD'S PLAN". She couldn't help laughing from all her heart and knew that the Lord had put her in charge to build this school in the West of Uganda and she should take this responsibility and be ready for it.


Now the Secondary School for 400 girls is built and done with furnishing. Our tailors sewed all curtains, our metal workers produced all curtain rails and our carpenters built many double-beds and racks.

Eventually we even received all the money we needed. In three weeks we got 145.000 Euros which covers everything. We thank God that water and electricity was already available in the compound.

We kindly thank all sponsors for their generous hearts and all the wonderful staff, especially our two building teams for this fast, beautiful and reasonably-priced work.

Already 299 girls are pupils in this school and 14 teachers work hard to teach them all relevant subjects to prepare them for their future.

First Lady Janet Museveni can't believe that these girls received help in such a short time

Primary Kikondo
GIrls secondary school westUganda

The "Maria Prean Nursery and Primary School Kasenda" is situated in the village Kasenda in the district Kabarole in the west of Uganda. The school is more than 30 kilometres away from the district's capital Fort Portal. The school has a capacity of 200 children in the day's section.


The school is based on biblical foundations and is meant for poor and orphaned children. The "Maria Prean Nursery and Primary School Kasenda" is fully financially supported by Vision for Africa Intl. and led by Mr. James Turyasingura. 



The school's mission is to facilitate the empowerment of young groups towards best education in the village and promoting of spiritual men and women being.


The school's morning prayer: "Oh Lord you hear my voice, in the morning I lay may request before you and wait in expectation" (Psalm 5:3)

nursery primary Kasenda





This primary school was built in 2002 and is situated in Kikondo, a small fishing village opposite from Jinja, in the south of Uganda.

The school building is functional and our children love to be there. Because the health is important for body and soul, the teachers and pupils began to have cleaning-days in the village every last Friday per month. The residents of the village are very pleased about this precious effort.

Our children get their food from the school kitchen. It mainly consists of the main dishes like Posho and Beans or Rice and Beans. Once a month they also get meat, what an enjoyment. From time to time they also get Irish potatoes from our school garden which greatly enrich the meals.

The main goal is, besides the important and grounded primary school education and general knowledge, to teach the children the true love of Jesus Christ and to build up solid trust in God in the children's hearts. This is our great desire so that they can get a solid spiritual foundation for their whole life.


 Vision for Africa Intl. has already founded two hospitals, the Jehova Rapha Clinic in the 'Land of Hope' in Mukono and a general and maternity clinic, the  Jehova Rapha Clinic II Tongolo on Mount Galilee. 


Additionally there is a dental technician and a prosthesis workshop for missing limbs in our 'Land of Hope'.

Medical facilities







The clinic in the 'Land of Hope' was built in 2010 and able to open up in 2011. We are thankful to God that we were able to start with a dental clinic and a clinic for internal and general medicine with 8 beds from the very beginning.


By this time we could pass the medical baton of our clinic into African hands. The general practitioner Dr. Cleophas is actively supported by Ugandan (and sometimes European) nurses.


Dr. Cleophas fulfills his tasks with the greatest expertise. He is a good leader with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ in his heart and he is well-liked by the patients and the staff.

Since August 2011 we could win Karl Banhardt, a general practitioner in Munich, for planning, procurement, equipment and the further development of the medical clinic. He also coordinates all international doctors who are interested in doing a short-time service in our clinics.

Clinic Tongolo Engl







The clinic on the mountain in Tongolo, near Jinja, was opened on 5th September 2013 with 3 staff members; a medical clinical officer, a nurse and a laboratory technician; referred herein as "The Trio". However, we introduced a new department early this year and that is maternity where we receive expectant/pregnant mothers for due Normal delivery, this has made our staff number to increase to four with an addition of a midwife.


So far we receive out-patients from both the community and within the ministry of Vision for Africa. Pregnant mothers are as well coming for their routine medical checkups in order to attain safe delivery at the end of their pregnancies.


The medical conditions managed are the common tropical illnesses such as infections like malaria (most dominant parasitic infection), Brucellosis, Salmonellosis, Filariasis among others, skin and soft tissue infections like cellulitis and dermatitis of various causes, respiratory tract infections like pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, minor surgical procedures, Cardiovascular diseases like Hypertension, infective endocarditis, and other common tropical diseases not mentioned here.

We have two categories of patients; the sponsored and unsponsored / community patients. The sponsored patients are required to pay either only consultation or test(s) requested for. These are majorly staff and staff children and, or relative(s), but sponsored children pay nothing since their medical bills are catered for by their respective sponsors through Vision for Africa. The community patients pay test(s) and medication(s) they are prescribed and not consultation. 


We have appointments with our clinic surgeon (Jörg Moosmeier) from Germany who will be coming at least twice a year for major surgical procedures like Herniorrhaphy. His first visit this year to this clinic has been on 24th of February 2014 for some weeks.

We also manage chronic medical conditions which require long-term management (ward admissions) for severely ill patients.


Dental technician MUKONO

Even a dental technician has already established a workshop in our 'Land of Hope'! Since 2013 we have a well equipped teeth-laboratory in our Jehova Rapha Clinic, due to the good heart of the German dental technician Stefan Schlesinger who comes twice every year for a few weeks to provide tooth prosthesis and other dental solutions for a few hundred people from the surrounding villages. 


This field is not yet explored or well-known in Uganda and yet extremely important for many people, especially the elder generations. But even younger people come with different issues, most of Stephan's patients have hardly any teeth in their mouth or only a few decayed ones.  


Also for further dental technicians Uganda could be appealing because the need is big and the offer rare. We are thankful that we are now even able to help our surrounding with these problems!








PRO Uganda e.V. is a non-profit association from Germany with the goal to offer orthopaedic help for physically handicapped and disabled people in Uganda.


Karsten Schulz is a professional orthopaedic technician and teacher at the vocational school in Usingen/ Hessen in Germany. For many years he sponsored two children in Vision for Africa in Uganda. When he personally met Maria Prean in 2011 after a sermon in Germany, she asked him spontaneously if he could imagine to open up an orthopaedic workshop in Uganda because Uganda was a country with very little prosthetic care.


So Karsten Schulz started travelling to many different places in Uganda to check on the existing orthopaedic offers in the country. What he saw was not very satisfying. Doctors and organisations state the amount of 4 to 10 orthopaedic workshops in entire Uganda (a country of approx. 35 million people) with a need of around 14.000 amputations every year. Alone in Gulu, a bigger city in the north of Uganda, only every 430th person on an average gets a prosthesis after an amputation.


For Karsten Schulz it was a quick decision: The need of prosthetic provision in Uganda is enormous, because of war situations in the past (child soldiers), victims of accidents and illnesses. He then found quite a few like-minded people and supporters with whom he founded the German association PRO Uganda – Prosthesis for new life in February 2013.


It so happened that they built an orthopaedic center on the ground of Vision for Africa in Mukono in the 'Land of Hope' where prosthesis and orthesis are being manufactured. They also plan to to offer the education to get a professional degree in orthopaedic technics in Uganda, as well as to support other orthopaedic institutes and clinics by providing material. The long-term goal is the provision of vehicles in all of Uganda.




Visit Vision for Africa!

If you want visit Africa and our Ministry and work here in Uganda or you want to meet your sponsored child, then just pay us a visit here in Vision for Africa!  You will be amazed!

There are various ways of spending your time here in Uganda:
You can spend your time as a guest in our African Village Hotel and plan your stay in Uganda very free and independent as you desire.

As a hotel we also offer the possibility of feasts, weddings or seminaries in our facilities like our tropical pool garden or conference halls. 

There is another option of joining an organised 'Come & See!'-Tour. Hereby you can get to know our ministry, meet your sponsored child, join guided day trips, experience a Safari and more.
We are looking forward to seeing you!


African Village Hotel






Enjoy your stay in Uganda as much as possible and relax in our little oasis in the middle of East Africa in our „Land of Hope“ in Vision for Africa, 40 kilometres east of Uganda's capital Kampala.

Surrounded by a beautiful Ugandan garden landscape you can feel free to enjoy your little cottage or hotel room in our African Village Hotel and feel like home. Explore the uniqueness of Uganda and make an unforgettable time out of your stay.

Our swimming pool and coffeehouse wait for you to relax and enjoy a Ugandan quality coffee or Cappuchino. The hotel restaurant offers you a variety of dishes from Ugandan and European cuisine as well as snacks.


Do something good and healthy to your body as you try our Beauty Salon for getting a good massage or enjoying nice nail treatments or even change your look by getting a new hairstyle or beautiful make-up for a special occasion.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


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Feasts & Seminaries
African Village



Make this day the most beautiful day in your life!

Weddings are occasions that bring together love, laughter, family and friends. On every life's calendar this most important day is specially marked.

We are here to support you! We are offering you a completely flexible wedding management service, with our professional and experienced event team providing as much or as little support as you require. We suggest a creative but cost-effective solution to organizing both large and small scale events.

Apart from our wide and spacious garden including the pool side we can provide a hall that accommodates over a 1200 people as well as a smaller rooftop lounge for up to 100 people. Our beautiful exotic pool garden can be set up with tents and decorations can be planted for broad and high attendance weddings.

From the wedding dress, the bridal beauty and the wedding cake to the decoration, venue and officially licensed church we offer everything you need for your big day.




If you’re planning a conference or any other kind of meetings, African Village Hotel stands to offer first class service with competence that will favorably serve your needs. Our unrivalled experience in organizing such occasions allows us to create just the ideal setting for large, medium and small conferences. With the availability of a high end PA system.

And for big conferences up to 1.200 people, a fully sound and light equipped hall is readily available. Experience the best presentation facilities like:

  • Two stage hanging projector & Projector screens

  • Modern stage lights with color filters

  • Over 5 codeless mikes

  • An Installed modern sound system


And on top we can offer you Open Air Retreats where you can relax in the quietness of our gardens as well as in our grass thatched rooftop lounge.




You may be celebrating an Introduction, a Children's or Adults Birthday, a Golden Wedding Anniversary, Engagement or After Work Party.

As professional organizers, we take care of everything be it for a small number of friends requiring canapés and non-alcoholic cocktails, to a glamorous marquee for an evening soiree.

Come&See Tour Engl.

Vision for Africa Intl. offers an additional special programme which is an organised 'Come & See'-tour in our African Village Hotel in the 'Land of Hope' in Mukono. At ten different dates per year you can get to know the country, people, culture and the ministry during a 2-weeks programme. You can also visit your sponsored child if you have one in Vision for Africa.


Our 'Come & See'-tours include a variety of activities in and around our ministry, as well as guided tours to the capital and others, with an English, Spanish or German speaking guide. 



          More Information about "Come & See!"

Christian activities




 Vision for Africa Intl. as a christian ministry in Uganda has also established several christian activities and projects: 

Glory Church is a free christian church assembly of Vision for Africa, not far outside of our 'Land of Hope' offering Sunday services. 


The International Christian Trainingscenter (ITC)  which we also call 'House Jacob' is a conference centre for (christian) leadership in Uganda, which is situated on the Prayer Mountain close to Jinja.


As well in our ministry in Mukono we have pupil- and student-conferences taking place on a regular annual basis. 


In our 'Community Hall' in the Land of Hope in Mukono we have regular daily morning devotions. Also in the children homes internal "family devotions" take place on a regular basis. 


Additionally there are regular leadership meetings in Mukono as well as in Kikondo and on the Prayer Mountain taking place.

Glory Church Engl.
House Jacob ICT Engl.





In 2007 Maria Prean founded the Glory Church, a little outside of the 'Land of Hope' in Kiyunga, Mukono. The church is under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Hennington Ambale from Kenya. The members and visitors of Glory Church are coming from the surrounding villages but we also have many international guests and visitors from the whole world and staff members of Vision for Africa.




G  Godliness 

L   Love 

O  Obedience 

R   Righteousness 

Y   Yieldness 






On the Prayer Mountain close to Jinja there is the International Christian Training centre (ICT), which belongs to Vision for Africa and which is to find in House Jacob. It is being leaded and taken care of by the German married couple Hans-Dieter and Inge Sturz. The ICT is a christian conference centre in which many seminaries and conferences for political and spiritual leaders of the country take place, like politicians, bishops, pastors but also teachers' conferences for school directors and teachers of our schools. 


But you will also find several small prayer cottages in the surrounding area of House Jacob on the Prayer Mountain, in which you can become calm and silent before God and you can just take your time for prayer and to listen to God without being interrupted or disturbed. 

House Jacob
Jüngerschaftsschule/ Konferenzhaus
Blick auf den Lake Victoria
Beleuchtetes Kreuz bei Nacht
student conferences engl.







In our Land of Hope we also host annual pupil- and student conferences. The P7 (Primary seven)- as well as the S4+S5 (secondary school) classes have a conference week once a year, where they get spiritual inputs and lectures like in a bible school. They also get encouraged and helped in finding their right future career and profession. We also have Alumni-conferences on a regular basis every two years, where the former Vision for Africa students gather and get encouraged to pass on the blessing they received themselves, by also financially supporting poor children as sponsors for good education and hope for the future, as soon as they got a good job through the good education they received through Vision for Africa and their sponsors from Europe themselves. The long-term goal is the idea of Ugandans-sponsor-Ugandans.

The conferences are always a great success and we are happy and blessed that pupils and students leave the conference weeks encouraged and strengthened.

Some of the Alumni (former students) already have a sponsored child themselves which they support financially like they have been sponsored from European sponsors. This principle fulfils the goal of Vision for Africa of capacity building in Uganda, where received help leads to helping others. We give thanks to our heavenly father for this wonderful development.

morning devotions







In the Land of Hope in Kiyunga, Mukono we also have daily morning devotions in our big Community Hall. It is for everyone in and around Vision for Africa possible to freely join. Daily visitors of the devotions are vocational students, teachers, mothers of the children homes as well as many department leaders of the ministry. Ofcourse also all guests and visitors of the ministry or the African Village Hotel are very welcome to join.

The devotions take place from Monday to Friday from 7:00 – 7:30 am (during school time, in holidays there are no devotions taking place) and consist of a 15-minutes prayer and worship time with music and songs, followed by a 15-minutes bible devotion, closed by our prayer of blessings which you can read HERE.

Also the children in our children homes have internal devotions on a regular basis with their home mothers and often also with Papa Adriko. These devotions and silent times shall bring the love of Jesus closer to the kids and lead them to a life lived for God.

leadership meetings



Additionally to the christian activities offered, we also have regular as well as spontaneous spiritual leadership meetings in Mukono, Jinja (Prayer Mountain) and Kikondo. For us as a Christian ministry it is important to take all our children, activities, projects, sponsors, staff members as well as all the plans before God and thank Him for all He has done and also for our dear sponsors and donators who make this good work possible.



Further projects of Vision for Africa Intl. are the Prison ministry with the men and women of the biggest prison in Uganda, as well as the Vision Choir, our Ugandan children's choir that tours every 3 years through Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy to bring more of God's love to Europe. 

Prison ministry



Since 2004 team members of Vision for Africa and Pastor Hannington Ambale regularly visit inmates in the biggest prison in Uganda - the Upper Prison in Kampala where about 2000 men and women are detained. Since capital punishment has not yet been abolished in Uganda, the prison has also a death row. 

In miraculous ways God has opened doors both to the men's and the women's prison, so that we are able take in soap, blankets, sugar, tea, clothes, sandals, and Bibles for the prisoners.

Our main concern is not only the material things we take into the prison, but above all that the prisoners are touched by God's love. 

We pay weekly visits to the men and women in the prison. We are currently offering an "Alpha Course" which is attended by 120 participants; also a ‘Peace Making Course’ and different ‘Bible Study’ classes.

Many of the prisoners embrace the message of Jesus and His forgiveness wholeheartedly. In addition to this we have had the joy of leading many inmates individually to Jesus. At the same time, because of this particular challenge, we have not only been able to observe how Jesus changes the lives of the prisoners - but also our own lives as well.

The testimonies of the prisoners who have decided to trust God's Word and live according to the Word are very moving. Many of them say that they have been especially touched by the "Peace Making Course" and that now they understand that they must forgive in order to experience peace in their hearts. To take revenge, some had even wanted to kill their wives and their children. However, thanks to this course and the message of Jesus, their lives have been radically changed.

We are very grateful that we can carry out this ministry and are grateful for every single donation.

Vision Choir engl.







The Ugandan children love to sing, to play their drums and they are very rhythmical and musical. Their music is an expression of life!

This is what encouraged us to start a choir with the children of our primary school and children homes. Together with these young missionaries we want to bring joy to the people, proclaim Jesus in the nations and sing the love of God into peoples hearts.

The children of our schools have all been richly blessed through their sponsors from Europe. We want to raise children that are not only receivers but also givers - and they have a lot to give! From their joy, their life, their faith in Jesus Christ.

The choir started here in Uganda, singing in our own church but also in other churches or as guests on celebrations.

In the end of the year 2008 we started our first great tour: 3 months throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland! In 2011, 2014 and 2017 other tours followed. The planned tour in 2020 had to be cancelled to due the Covid pandemic. Therefor for the first time ever a LIVE ONLINE CONCERT took place in Ocotber 2021! You can watch it here:

But this was surely not the end yet - we even want to reach more and more people here in Uganda and infect them with this joy. We want the Ugandan people to see what a great treasure they have in their children and which great potential is hidden in them!

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