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Born in Innsbruck I grew up with three siblings in a caring home. In my early years the question was already in my mind, for what purpose I am on earth. At the age of seven years I had a deep encounter with Jesus Christ and since then I know, that HE loves me and that my life belongs to HIM. 


I became a teacher and yet I saw my calling more to be a good mother to children. Due to a terrible experience I excluded marriage and became a SOS Kinderdorf (SOS children's village) mother. But my own expectation on myself was so high that I was overwhelmed to the level that one day I had to surrender before God with my own "good deeds". There I finally understood that Jesus has also died for my sins and that I can just take and accept the eternal life out of His loving hand. Ever since I experienced the guidance of God in my life. 


Even if some of His ways in my life were not understandable for me right away, when I look backward I can clearly see and understand that God makes no mistakes. 


For many years I lived in the USA where my faith got strengthened and I got baptised. Back in Austria I married a very loving man. Together we started doing several ministries in the kingdom of God. God used also different other people for His works in my life. And today I am allowed to bring hope and joy to many people and to lead them into a personal love relationship with Jesus Christ. 


When I came to Uganda for the first time in 1996 I could not guess what the Lord had already prepared for me in this country. In January 2001 I flew again to Uganda to tell people about the word of God and to minister to believers in the AfriCamp in Kampala.


Before that I had already received prophetic words about a new mission which God had prepared for me. Then at that conference in Kampala two women came to me with prophetic pictures. One of them saw me in front of a big black gate which opened slowly by itself. Behind the gate was gold and a bright light. The other woman saw a big funnel above my head, which poured out blessings in order to pass through me like channels and flowing out at different other places. Two days later the Lord clearly told me that I should trust Him, to care for thousands of poor Ugandan children, so that they find their calling spiritually, mentally and physically.


For this task the Lord has given me a great love for Africa and the Africans. By now I am blessed to experience the work of God in Uganda and the work of His fire in the hearts of people here, which also helps my heart to inflame again and again.



Maria Luise



Maria L. Prean

"You will know them by their fruits"

At the International Prayer Breakfast in Kampala in October 2016, the Ugandan president Museveni called Maria Prean whilst his short speech up on stage by the name "the Christian from Mukono", and proclaimed in front of everyone that this woman with her ministry Vision for Africa was a living example of the words of Jesus: "By their fruits you will know them", because one can clearly see Vision for Africa by its good deeds and fruits. Thereafter he even gave Maria Prean some minutes time to introduce her ministry herself. We praise our God for His faithfulness and give Him all the honor! At this place we also thank our dear friends, staff, sponsors and donators again for all support, without whom this ministry would not be what it is or would even not be at all. 

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