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Would you like to experience life in Africa, our ministry and our work first-hand?

Would you like to meet your Godchild personally? 


Then come to Uganda and visit us. You will be amazed.

Here you can find the dates and book your "Come & See!" tour!


It’s not a holiday like any other one, but a very special one.

Because the Lord has done great things!

Come & see!

'Come & See' Tour

C&S Prices







We would like to offer you with "Come & See!" a possibility, to experience Africa in a very unique and personal way. Far away from the European routines and perfection, you are able to immerse completely into the African way-of-life and really experience Gods work first-hand. Let God touch you and set a new spark to your faith!


Our "Come & See!"-tours take place throughout the year and every season has its highlights. Because of the altitude (about 1,200 m), the average temperature is between 20°C and 30°C throughout the year.

Statistically Uganda has 2 dry seasons (Dec-Feb and Jun-Sep) and 2 rainy seasons (Apr to May and Oct to Nov). But they can vary.

Besides, the Ugandan rainy season cannot be compared to the indian "Monsun", it is just just raining more often.

Therefore, Uganda is worth a visit at any time and season.



The land of Vision for Africa is located in Kiyunga/Mukono district, about 40 km from the capital of Kampala, surrounded by the beautiful nature of Uganda.

In our African Village Hotel you can stay in single and double rooms either in our African-style round-huts (picture right) or in our hotel-building (picture right below) with a wonderful view. The rooms have individual bath-rooms with a shower and lavatory.

The hotel also has group-rooms for up to 10 people and family-rooms with a connection-door. 

On the grounds we enjoy the luxury of tap-water with drinking water quality.

Our restaurant offers African and continental cuisine, there is something for every one's taste!



























"Come & See!" offers you a diverse program:

Get to know our work and the ministry – there are so many things, waiting to be explored! In the last years orphanages, a kindergarten, a primary school, several vocational schools, a big canteen kitchen and versatile agriculture grounds. We can also organize a meeting with your godchild!

You can also learn more about the Ugandan culture and way of living, for example in our short introduction to "Luganda" (one of the official languages) or try out something new in our pottery.

Experience the amazing diversity of Uganda on our day-trips for example to Kampala and Jinja. We will also visit the House Jacob (under the umbrella of Vision for Africa) on the Prayer Mountain, nearby Jinja.

You can also relax and rest on our swimming pool or with a cup of coffee in our Café Marianne.

You are most welcome and free to join our daily devotions in the morning or our prayer and worship occasions in the evening, visit the service in the "Glory Church", let yourself be refreshed by God and delight in the spiritual community. We are happy to translate for you, if needed.

Please be aware, that your "Come & See!" group might be mainly German-speaking and the lovely guide is German too, but we could organize an English translator for all relevant information! 


SAFARI (Additional offer)

As an additional offer, you also have the opportunity to take part in a three-days Safari during the "Come & See!" journey.

It is an unforgettable experience to see animals, normally only known from books and movies, in their natural habitat. In the Ugandan National parks for example live Elephants, Kaffem-buffalos, Antelopes or Crocodiles and countless bird species. With a bit of luck, you can also meet the "king of Africa", a lion.


Here you can find a Safari-Flyer as an example how a Safari tour can look like. 


























You would like to see a bit more of Uganda or you want some time to rest? For a special price (see charges below) you can extend your stay with us for an additional week. You can spend this time in our African Village Hotel or on the prayer mountain in Jinja .

Once a year we organize a "Come & See!" three-weeks special.

Additionally to the "Come & See!" program we would like to look closer at a word from the bible, spend time in prayer and celebrate with God and with each other.

Experience how God's promises from his word become reality in your life!



With respect to the Uganda customs, we have the regulation in our ministry to abstain from alcohol and nicotine on the grounds.



The flight to Uganda is to be booked by yourself. The cost – depending on airline and season – is between € 600,-- and € 900,-- per person. Please contact us before booking a flight so that we can coordinate the arrivals and provide you information about the currently best airlines.


"Come & See!" 2022

Program, full board even for day trips and lodging (excl. drinks, excl. Safari) :

  • 'Come & See!', 2 weeks, double room: 610,–

  • 'Come & See!', 2 weeks, single room: 660,–

  • 'Come & See!', 2 weeks, single room, shared bathroom: € 580,–

  • 'Come & See!' Special / Extension week, full board: € 280,– (additionally) (n/a)

  • 'Come & See!' Special / Extension week, half board: € 240,– (additionally)



ca. 600 US$  bis 700 US$



50 US$


Additional stay incl. full boarding & lodging per day:

We will send you our hotel room prices on request.

Airport transfer per person (children below 18 free):

Per person: € 50,–



Deduction for children

For children aged 3 to 9 years: 50%, 10 to 14 years: 30% deduction of the price for program, board and lodge.

Children up to 3 years: free.

Deductions on the payment for safari can be requested.


We are looking forward to welcoming you in Uganda!


For questions please contact us through the contact form.

Eleganter Giraffen-Herr
Safari im National Parc
Elefant Nahaufnahme
Nilpferd im Nil
Löwe, der König Afrikas
Tropischer Vogel
Krokodil im Nil
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