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We are delighted about your interest in our work. Data privacy has high priority for us. A use of the websites of Vision for Africa Intl. and Vision für Afrika is basically possible without the need of stating any personal data. In the case special services are being used, it might become mandatory to state personal data.

Via this Privacy Policy we aim to inform about kind, content and purpose of the required, used and processed personal data.


1. Name and Adress of the one Responsible for Data Processing


Responsible according to the Privacy Policy is:

Vision für Afrika
Sirapuit 37
6460 Imst
Tel.: +43 5412 65684


2. Acquisition of General Data and Information

Our website records different general data and information with each visit. These are being saved in the Logfiles on the server. Recorded can be the (1) used browser types and versions, (2) the used operating system, (3) the website which linked to our website, (4) the date and time of the visit of our website, (5) the IP-adress, (6) the Internet-Service-Provider.

When making use of these general data and information we do not draw any conclusion about the concerned person. This information serves only the statistic purpose to deliver the content of our website correctly and to get an overview on the interests of our web offers. The anonymous data of the Server-Logfiles will be seperately saved from all other stated personal data of the concerned person.


3. Subscription of our Newsletter

We offer the possibilIty to subscribe to one or more newsletters. Which personal data are being transmitted to us show the field names of the used form.

In our newsletters we inform in irregular distances about our work and development as well as dates for the persons close to the organisation. The newsletter can only be received when the person registers with a valid email address. For legal reasons we send a confirmation email through the Double-Opt-In algorithm to the receiver. This confirmation email serves the purpose of checking whether the owner of the email address has authorised the subscription of the newsletter.

With subscription of the newsletter we further save the of the provider given IP-address as well as date and time of subscription. The acquisition of this data is required to be able to relate to a possible misuse at a later point of time.

The personal data collected within a subscription of the newsletter will solely be used for sending the newsletter. Further, the subscribers can get informed via email, if it is required for the operation of the newsletter service or for registration, as e.g. in case of a change of the newsletter service offer. No recorded personal data within the newsletter service will be circulated to third parties. The subscription of our newsletters can be canceled anytime via the link given in every email, whereby any personal data is completely deleted with immediate effect.


4. Newsletter-Tracking

Our Newsletters contain so-called tracking pixels to enable a log data record and -analysis. Thereby a statistic evaluation of the response to our newsletters can be made. Through the embedded tracking pixels we can recognize how often, when and where our newsletter was opened and which links in the email were clicked.

The hereby recorded data are completely anonymous and do not give any conclusion on the receiver of the email. We do NOT operate with personalized tracking, which would enable such conclusion.


5. Getting in contact via the Website

5a. Contact forms

On our website we offer forms for easier contacting of different departments. Stated data in such forms is solely used for editing and answering the requests and beyond no data is being saved, apart from an explicit wish (e.g. notification about a change of address). No personal data is being handed over to third parties.


5b. Registration forms for sponsorships

We offer on our website a form for taking a sponsorship. We indicate, that for the purpose of an easier process and for the later conciliatory operation via the contact form or via the website or via a brochure indicated data of the applicant, such as name, address, personal data (birth date), telephone number and email address and possibly given bank details of the donor or sponsor are being saved in the data bank of our head office in Austria.

Moreover for the purpose of sponsorship information solely the first and last name of the sponsor and the amount to pay for the donation to the association „Vision for Africa International“ are being transferred to Uganda and saved there.


Your provided data is required to accomplish respectively implement the actions to be taken for a successful intermediary of the sponsorship. Without these data we can not finalise the demanded sponsorship with the requestor. A data transfer to other than the above stated is not taking place apart from the transfer of the bank data with the transacting bank institutions/ payment service providers for the purpose of debiting the agreed donation amount as well as to our tax adviser for fulfilling our duties according to the tax law.


5c. Registration forms for visitation tours („Come & See!“ tours)

On our website we offer a form for registering to a visitation tour to the association „Vision for Africa Intl.“ to our place of work in Uganda. The in the registration form stated personal data is being saved, processed and used by machine for the purpose of preparing the stay at Vision for Africa Intl.

This data is being forwarded to other concerned departments of Vision for Africa Intl. (Uganda) and Vision für Afrika (Austria) and saved there, for the purpose of travel preparation, payment tracking, possible retransfers.


6. Legal basis of processing

The processing of data is being accomplished on the statutory regulations of the statute book §96 Par. 3 TKG as well as Rep. 6 Par. 1 lit. a (Agreement) DSGVO.

(Translated from German: „Die Datenverarbeitung erfolgt auf Basis der gesetzlichen Bestimmungen des §96 Abs 3 TKG sowie des Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a (Einwilligung) DSGVO“).


7. Duration of personal data saved

The criteria for the storage of personal data is the according duty to preserve records. After the expiration of the time limit the concerned data is being deleted routinely if not required for any further processing of an existing sponsorship or travel registration.


8. Revocation of agreement to Privacy Policy

The agreement to this privacy policy and the storage of the above stated personal data can be anulled at any time at Vision für Afrika, Sirapuit 37, 6460 Imst, Austria resp. at Vision for Africa Intl., P.O. Box 675 Mukono, Uganda. Through a revocation the legitimacy of the earlier processing is not affected. Any statements concerning bookkeeping are generally saved resp. stored for 10 years as stated above due to tax purposes.

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