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Vision for Africa Intl. 





Vision for Africa Intl. is an internationally operating organisation, whose goal is to provide education for needy children in Africa (at present mainly in Uganda), and to give them hope for the future. With the help of many who have given donations, this dream has already become reality for several thousand children.


The organisation Vision for Africa was established in 2001 in Germany, shortly after that in Austria ("Vision für Afrika, Verein christlicher Nächstenliebe") and Switzerland ("Vision für Afrika"). There are also associations in the USA ("Vision for Africa USA") and Uganda ("Vision for Africa International")

The founder, Maria L. Prean comes from Tyrol in Austria. Since 1982 she has travelled many countries in the world passing on the good news about Jesus Christ. By now she lives for more than six months a year in Uganda in order to support the interests of the children and the whole ministry more intensively on a local basis.























In August 2001 two workers from Germany together with workers from Uganda took over the local administration. At the end of 2002 we were able to buy a house in the capital city of Kampala, which was the centre of our very extensive administration by that time.

In 2003 we were given 65ha of land in Mukono (about 40 km east of Kampala) on the condition that we build schools and other social facilities. Since the end of 2006 we have been running several children’s homes and our own training centre there. Even in the last years we were able to establish a lot, not only in Mukono but also on the Prayer Mountain (around Jinja) and at last in Karamoja in the North of Uganda.
(see also: Our work)

Sponsorships in Europe are organized and administrated by a team in our office in Imst (Austria).



If you have not seen the situation with your own eyes it is hard to imagine the wretched conditions in which many children in Africa grow up. There are a great number of single mothers who barely manage to raise enough money to live on, as well as millions of orphans whose parents have died from various diseases. Many of these children are adopted by relatives, whose financial means are insufficient to enable the children to be educated. Children without relatives mostly live on the streets.  (Siehe auch: About Uganda)














The main aim of our assistance is to provide good school education and vocational training, as well as health care. This creates a basis for the children to be able to support themselves in life and – seen long-term – to influence and change their country in a positive way.

At the same time we help to improve the children’s social milieu by building our own schools, training centres, hospitals and other facilities. With your monthly sponsorship contribution you promote the child’s personal development as well as improving his/her social milieu. (See here: Sponsorship)


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