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from Maria L. Prean

Book introductions.

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God had a fantastic day when He created you

Encouragements for a whole year (365 devotions)

Maria Prean invites you to catch your identity in Christ every new day and to live bravely for God which we are called to. In doing so she goes deep into the riches of the Word of God and talks as well about her own experiences. The devotions are about the topic of the perfect creation of God in the paradise in Garden Eden and what we have lost through the sin, and how we can get it back and get back into it. Encouragement and inspiration through 365 devotions.

Come into your destiny

God created you as an original – Don't die as a copy!

Powerfully, pointedly and always with a touch of humour Maria Prean challenges you to become the person that God though of when He created you. Impressively she underlines the concise message with her own experiences and situations she went through. Come into your destiny! For achieving this you have to get rid of limitations, wrong expectations, worries, fear – and step bravely into God's wide land. 

Let Go, let God


In every person's heart is a special area that has a door that is marked "private". In this special room is a throne and it is precious because someone guards it jealously. Only one can sit on the throne in that throne room – oneself or God.

Maria knows it how to challenge her readers in an open and direct, yet humorous way to give every corner of our hearts and every area and aspect of our lives – meaning handing over all the control, into God's hands.

God does not play a role in my life - He is the managing director


I met Maria in a Church in the suburb of the city of Kampala nearly three years ago. She was in the company of a team of people when she was introduced to me. Later I came to know some things about this wonderful lady.

She loves people. As I read her book. I found this love for people flowing from the beginning of the book to the end. She attaches deep sense of value to relationship beginning from the family she grew up in and the people she has come across to influence. In her eyes is a burning passion which flows from the fire she has in her heart for all conditions of humanity. She never fears touching people regardless of their condition.

Secondly, I have experienced some of her compassion when I noticed how she has taken many young people under her care. Many orphans have found hope and a future with Maria's ministry. Reading her book one sees the heart that has been touched through trials spending itself in service to others. In one of her desires to see children grow into God-fearing adults, she has established educational institutions. She has also touched many inmates in Luzira Prisons, one of the biggest in Uganda.

Thirdly, reading Maria you will sec a determination that is rare. She has a drive that few people possess. When she sees an opportunity Maria will not let it pass by. When she knows that it will honour God whom she has come to believe in, she will give up everything to achieve it.

I do commend her passionate love for people, her compassion and her energy in the service of the people that she has come across.

May you read this book and learn something about the woman God has raised and has continued to use in the middle of Africa and other parts of the world with great results.

The Most Rev. Henry Luke Orombi

Ordering these books at the "Prean Medien KG"


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