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Prayer Mountain

close to Jinja 

Jesus told them: "Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while." (Mark 6:31)


All who are looking for a place like that are warmly welcome on the Prayer Mountain – single guests as well as groups. In a wonderful height of 1.340 metres with a view on Lake Victoria and the source of the river Nile, we offer such a quiet place. With all senses you can experience here that Winston Churchill was right when he called Uganda the "Pearl of Africa". 

Why not preventing a Burn-Out and enjoying this tropical piece on earth? Our location and our space offer room for individuals, couples, families, as well as for groups, seminaries and conferences. 

For conferences the target group for the ICT (International Christian Trainings centre) in House Jacob on the Prayer Mountain are especially leaders and bosses from the christian and also secular sectors (politics, society, economy) from Uganda, Europe and internationally.

The holiday on the Prayer Mountain for individuals or families/friends groups can either take place directly after a "Come & See!"-Tour or as "Come & Rest"-guests, or otherwise independently from the other program and individually to plan in form of a "Stay & Rest" relaxing holiday.


For adventure there are on the Prayer Mountain and in the surrounding other action activities possible like: 


  • Hiking

  • Wild-water-rafting on the river Nile 

  • Swimming in Lake Victoria

  • Safaris (Wild animals Safari, Horse-Safari)

  • Motor cycle tours on muddy roads 



Download Flyer Prayer Mountain (PDF) (german)


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Furthermore you can visit the second ministry part of Vision for Africa Intl. on the Payer Mountain! 


When you drive or walk a few meters down the mountain you fill find the Nursery school and the Primary school Mt. Galilee, on half hight of the mountain you will find the Clinic Jehova Rapha II Tongolo with the maternity clinic, and down on the foot of the mountain  in the fishermen's village Kikondo is the Emmanuel Center, which hosts more children homes as well as a Kindergarten. As well you can find our third Primary school there. 


Last but not least you should not skip the opportunity to visit our school for the blind! This facility is as well located in Kikondo at the foot of the Prayer Mountain, directly opposite to Jinja. 

Kreuz auf dem Gebetsberg
Gebetsberg Lake Victoria
Der Blick auf den Lake Victoria
Das Kreuz
Der Blick vom Kreuz hinunter
Das Kreuz ist am Abend beleuchtet
Lagerfeuer auf dem Prayermountain
Das blau leuchtende Kreuz bei Nacht
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