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With a 'Come & See!'-tour you can get to know our work a little bit better. You also have the possibility to meet your sponsored child, to join guided day trips, take part in courses, go on a Safari with a group and more. 

The African Village Hotel offers holiday, rest, good meals and beautiful gardens. It gives you all the freedom to explore the country and the ministry all by yourself. Also for celebrations and events our hotel facilities are perfectly suitable.







If you want visit Africa and our Ministry and work here in Uganda or you want to meet your sponsored child, then just pay us a visit here in Vision for Africa! You will be amazed!

There are various ways of spending your time here in Uganda:


You can spend your time as a guest in our African Village Hotel, and enjoy your stay relaxed or adventurous as you wish.

As a hotel we also offer the possibility of feasts or seminaries in our facilities.

You can also join one of our "Come & See!"-tours. Get to know our work, meet your sponsor-child, join (guided) day-trips, going on a Safari and much more.


Last but not least you can also visit our Prayer Mountain/Mt. Galilee close to Jinja. At this beautiful spot are situated on the top the House Jacob, which is our conference center for leadership seminaries. Secondly the House Jacob is also a guesthouse where you can come as a tourist and get food and accommodation. Additionally you can get rest and become quiet before God in the round african prayer huts with a beautiful view on Lake Victoria and the source of the river Nile. Pine forests are the reasons for the perfect air quality, far from smoke, noise and pollution!


We are looking forward to your coming!


On the Prayer Mountain Mt. Galilee at Jinja side you can become quiet before God in prayer, and just relax in this unique and beautiful surrounding. The Prayer Mountain is also perfectly suitable for seminaries and conferences as a group. 

Visit us! 

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