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"Life is getting better and better"





Documentary film of a professional film production team.

Maria Prean is 60 years old, when she started another big work. The Austrian goes to Uganda, a country with over 2 million orphans and an average age of 15 years only. By faith in God she gives everything to help those children. Energetic and sustainable. Despite difficult circumstances her work is changing the lives of thousands of young Ugandans.

Maria Prean founded a children's choir together with her two Ugandan sons, in order to lead Africa and Europe closer to each other and remove prejudices. She tours with 15-20 children through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Wherever they sing, people are fascinated and touched.

An encouraging and very personal documentary movie about a woman, who does not accept apparently invincible borders and who walks her way with determination

Approx. 55min, german/english mixed, optional german or english subtitles

UPDATE FROM 25th March 2013

MARIA PREAN DVD | Licences for church events, schools and media centres


Information to various requests concerning a public screening of the movie  MARIA PREAN - Life gets better and better:

You can get the licence for screenings of the movie in churches or schools via Matthias-Film. 

The licence for churches and schools costs 39,00 Euros incl. DVD, for media centres there are different prices (check website).

Especially for teachers and church members it is a great chance to make Maria Prean and her work in Uganda a topic in Christian Religious Education lessons or in church events. 

Website Matthias-Film

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